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COV19 Infection Control Kit
COV19 Infection Control Kit

Be prepared for any disaster or outbreak
Traveler's Supply Price: $49.99
Contains: Traveler’s Infection Control Kit

Product Code: AVFK2

This kit was designed to help minimize the spread particularly of flu viruses. This kit is contains:
Travelers Infection Control Kit:
Be Pandemic-Prepared
For flu and cold protection:
  • Clean hands, keyboards, phones etc,

  • Cover up with N95 Particulate Respirator mask

AVFK2 Contains:

2–N95 Particulate Respirator Mask:
  • The mask is model 8210, made by 3M Healthcare
  • Mask is to be worn to protect the wearer from contamination by air born virus emitted by contaminated individual while breathing or sneezing
  • Mask can also be worn by potentially contaminated individual to prevent infection of fellow travelers
  • It is important that the mask be snugly fit around the mouth and nose so that all air passes through the mask and not around it
4–Nextemp Disposable Thermometers:
  • The NexTemp™thermometer is a limited use, disposable, clinical thermometer designed to provide infection protection by minimizing cross-contamination
  • The thermometer uses an innovative dot sensor matrix consisting of temperature sensitive indicating dots
  • Each dot changes color at a temperature of 0.2°F(0.1°C). Body temperature is read from a numerical scale. Range is 96.0°F to 104.8°F (35.5° to 40.4°C)
  • Temperature is obtained in 60 seconds and the reading should be taken immediately. The thermometer may be reused after a 20 minute wait to return the thermometer to room temperature
  • Normal body temperature is between 97°F to 99°F (36.5°C to 37.5°C ). An infected person would have a higher body temperature
  • Comfortable to use and there is no danger of being broken
1–4oz. Antiseptic Bio-Hand Cleaner:
  • Active ingredient is Ethyl Alcohol; 66.5% topical antimicrobial
  • Used to clean the hands and reduce potentially harmful bacteria on the skin
  • Fast-acting and waterless, no need to wash hands after use to obtain effectiveness
  • No sticky or tacky residue
  • Contains emollients such as Aloe Vera to add moisture to the skin with each use
2–Pair Nitrile Gloves:
  • Should you come in contact with a potentially infected individual, particularly in a confined area such as an aircraft, it may be necessary to touch that individual or handle objects that he has handled
  • The gloves will help provide protection from contamination that could result from such contact
  • It is important that the wearer should not bring the gloves in contact with the skin after exposure, particularly near body orifices such as the mouth, eyes and nose while wearing as well as during removal
1–4oz. SaniZide Plus Germicidal Solution:
  • Safetec’s SaniZide Plus germicidal solution ready to use, hospital grade hard surface disinfectant / deodorizer
  • The quaternary ammonium, alcohol free formulation is non-flammable
  • The non-corrosive formulation of SaniZide Plus will not damage glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal, polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl, polyester, rubber, bakelite, and many more hard surfaces
  • Kills HIV–1, HBV, and TB
1–1 Gallon Biohazard Infectious-Waste Bag:
  • The bag meets OSHA standards, including the 165g Drop Dart Test and Elmendorf Tear Test
  • Bags are not self-sealing and should be closed using twist-ties. (not included)
  • For the safe disposable of contaminated masks and gloves
2–Isolation Gowns:
  • Isolation Gowns are made of fluid resistant, spunbond polypropylene
  • Gowns have elastic cuffs
  • Attached neck and waist ties to assure snug fit. Full back
  • Universal Size
12–Large Alcohol Wipes
  • Safe for desks, phones, key boards, door knobs and countertops

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