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No matter where you live, or as the seasons change, don't forget to brush up on your do's and don'ts for outdoor safety and the right protection for you and your family. As a one-stop-shopping resource for travelers for both business and personal, domestic and internationally; we offer a wide array of products to keep you healthy and safe, with TSA guidelines in mind to make travel easier.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the leading national public health institute of the United States. Its main goal is to protect public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability. The CDC focuses national attention on developing and applying disease control and prevention.

With the emergence of several vector borne diseases domestically: (Zika virus, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, Encephalitis and Chickungunya), we continually utilize this resource to keep you informed and provide the products to make sure you and your family stay safe and insect bite free. Whether you are: vacationing, traveling to new areas, spending time in your back yard, on the job, in the garden or enjoying the woods...you need to know what your risks are to determine the right level of prevention. WE CAN HELP.

As a manufacturer of repellents, we understand the importance of using EPA registered products. Combined with our continued market research, we want to be your one resource for all of your travel and summer safety needs.

Visit: www.CDC.gov to learn more: