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International travel requires a certain level of preparation especially when you are going to a developing country.

Aside from being sure you have your current vaccinations, there are certain guidelines you should always follow:

1. Not all vaccines protect you for the same number of years. Some need boosters, some protect for life. Yellow Fever only lasts 2 years

2. To protect against mosquito-borne diseases when you travel, be sure to take preventive medication in malaria risk area
    • AND Treat your clothes with Duration Permethrin insecticide.

Permethrin is an insecticide that is a synthetic replica of the natural insecticide pyrethrum which is derived from the flowers of the daisy chrysanthemum. When applied to clothing, bed nets, tents and gear the treated fabric repels and kills biting insects. Lasts for 6 weeks or 6 launderings. Clothing should be treated before travel.

Use Ultrathon every 12 hours when insects are seen. Ultrathon contains 34.34% DEET and is the longest lasting repellent according to a leading consumer magazine.

The CDC recommends using an insect repellent containing a minimum of 30% DEET that is effective for several hours and treating your clothing with Permethrin that is effective through at least 6 washings. Achieve 99.9% protection when treating your exposed skin with Ultrathon and treating your clothing with Duration

3. To avoid Travelers' diarrhea, take Travelan dietary supplement 3 times a day before meals and take care with what you eat and drink to minimize your risk. Wash hands thoroughly and frequently.

4. To help prevent life-threatening blood clots (also known as DVT's):

a. Wear a pair of SIGVARIS graduated compression socks or stockings.
This increases leg and foot comfort and helps prevent travel-related DVT.
b. Keep moving your feet. Foot exercises make the calf muscles work and help pump blood back up to the heart.
c. Avoid periods of prolonged inactivity. As often as possible, walk the isle to exercise your legs.
d. Drink plenty of fluids: While traveling replace fluid loss with healthy beverages to avoid dehydration. Avoid alcohol.
e. Consult your doctor regarding prevention of DVTs and other venous problems.

5. Medical Kits: Always travel with a medical kit including the basic necessities. Many of the items included from packets of medications to disposable thermometers, provide convenience when traveling. Medical kits are designed especially for business travelers and are TSA approved. If you haven't had a travel consult, feel free to contact us and we will provide a recommendation for a travel clinic in your area. Business, vacation or mission trips we have the essentials every traveler needs.

*Ask us to include a TRAVEL SAFETY TIPS brochure with your order.