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DiaResQ 3 Pack of Packets
DiaResQ 3 Pack of Packets

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3 pack Packets
What is DisResQ?

• DiaResQ is a patented proprietary, medical nutrition product

to address diarrhea. DiaResQ is patented in the U.S., and is

patented or patent pending in many countries throughout the


• DiaResQ is a Food for Special Dietary Use that contains

immune factors, micronutrients, macronutrients that work

with the body to address the underlying cause of diarrhea.

• Efficacy and safety of DiaResQ has been confirmed in doubleblind

placebo controlled and open label trials.

How Does DiaResQ Work?

• DiaResQ addresses the underlying cause of diarrhea, and rapidly restores intestinal function.

• Utilizing a dual mechanism of action, DiaResQ:

• Supports the body’s natural immune response with immune factors.

• Promotes the body’s innate mechanism of intestinal repair with micronutrients and


• The carrier matrix protects and allows immune factors and other bioactives to arrive, intact, into

the lower intestine:

• Supports in the rapid repair and growth of the intestinal mucosal surfaces;

• Provides anti-microbial and antiviral components to support immune health.

What are the Ingredients is DisResQ?

• DiaResQ is a proprietary formulation of bovine colostrum and specialty egg solids.

• Colostrum is the first milk produced by a cow after she calves:

• It contains prebiotic peptides that support the restoration of a healthy gut


• The matrix components enable effective delivery of bioactive proteins/peptides.

• The colostrum used in DiaResQ is sourced from USDA Grade A dairies and produced

by healthy cows that are free from antibiotics, hormones, and BSE.

• In many important nutritional components, bovine colostrum is the closest to human


• A cow will produce approximately 20 liters of colostrum and the calf can only ingest

approximately 2-4 liters. The excess colostrum is what is collected for DiaResQ.

• The eggs used in DiaResQ come from hens raised without antibiotics or hormones.

• All ingredients used in DiaResQ are produced in the United States at processing facilities

subject to both U.S. FDA and USDA inspection

How is DisResQ Consumed?

• Take at the first sign of diarrhea.

• Mix the contents of one DiaResQ packet with 30ml

(1oz) of clean or boiled drinking water and shake.

• It is not recommended that DiaResQ be

mixed with hot water.

• Consume DiaResQ immediately after mixing.

• Take additional packets as needed, up to three

packets per day.

• Resume a normal diet as soon as possible.

Guidelines for Use of DiaResQ

• DiaResQ is not intended for children 12 months and younger.

• DiaResQ is not intended to address chronic or bloody diarrhea.

• DiaResQ is not intended for diarrhea caused by overindulgence in food or alcohol. It is not

intended to address heartburn, gas, or upset stomach.

• DiaResQ contains egg and milk and is contra for people with dairy and egg allergies. Patients

should consult a doctor if concerned about consuming DiaResQ because of allergies, you’re

pregnant or breast-feeding, or you’re taking other medicines.

• A doctor should always be consulted if diarrhea persists or gets worse.

• The shelf life of DiaResQ is 2 years, as packaged in the sealed packet; keep out of extreme

temperatures and out of direct sunlight.

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