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Cera Lyte 3 pack Lemon Flavor
Cera Lyte 3 pack Lemon Flavor

Water Purifying tablets and Oral Rehydration Products To treat dehydration that''s due to diarrhea
Traveler's Supply Price: $7.49
Contains: Lemon flavor 3-pack single-serving size

Product Code: CP851-3

CeraLyte, a rice-based oral rehydration solution (ORS) that meets World Health Organization standards, has been proven to be the ideal ORS to treat dehydration that’s due to diarrhea. CeraLyte’s patented formula works faster than glucose-based solutions. Because of its low osmolality, CeraLyte delivers salts, water, and nutrients more efficiently than most sports drinks, juices, soft drinks, or colas. The key to CeraLyte’s superiority is its dual action. It works fast to rehydrate you, while also reducing diarrhea fluid losses by 20 to 30 percent. CeraLyte, which can be used by adults and children, is available in two flavors (natural and lemon) and two sizes (7 oz. single size and 1 liter size). Just mix with water and it’s ready to use.

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