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Developing Country Medical Kit
Developing Country Medical Kit

You might want to consider bringing along your own medical kit , supply of sterile needles and syringes and dental kit if you will be visiting a country where unsafe medical injections are a concern.
Traveler's Supply Price: $79.95
Contains: Developing Country Medical Kit

Product Code: MKDING1


The Developed Country Travel Medical Kit is an all-inclusive kit that is highly recommended for travelers visiting areas around the world that pose a greater risk of becoming ill and have limited access to over-the-counter remedies for common ailments. This kit includes the most recommended and requested items sold to travelers around the world.

First aid items are included for minor injuries and trip essentials including the #1 selling brand Ultrathon DEET insect repellent lotion and sun protection needed for many destinations. With Traveler's diarrhea being the most common ailment among travelers, we've included products to help treat the symptoms experienced by many travelers.

The Developing Country Travel Medical Kit is an essential item to include in your trip preparations for many high risk areas of the world. Kit contains all of the over-the-counter single dose medications and first-aid supplies as listed below. All of these items are packed in a high quality, compact 3 compartment zippered bag that fits easily in a tote or gear bag. The folding bag has a convenient hanging strap that fits over door knobs and clear plastic pockets for easy viewing from custom officials.

4 Moleskin
4 insect sting wipes
1 pair of 4 ½” Lister bandage scissors
4 PVP prep pads
1 pair plastic tweezers
6 alcohol prep pads
1 roll elastic bandage (3") w/clip
8 antiseptic wipes
1 roll conforming bandage (3")
4 anti-microbial wipes
8 Nextemp disposable thermometers
3 4” x 4” sterile gauze pads
4 sterile cotton-tipped applicators
3 3” x 3” sterile gauze pads
1 sterile eye pad
3 large flexible patches 2” x 3”
1oz. eyewash
5 butterfly wound closures
4 packs triple antibiotic ointment
15 1” x 3” plastic strip bandages
4 hydrocortisone 1% cream packets
3 flexible knuckle bandages
4 antifungal cream packets
3 flexible finger-tipped bandages
4 burn cream with Lidocaine packets
3 safety pins
1 roll adhesive tape (1" x 10yds)
1 5” x 9” sterile trauma pad
12 APAP extra strength acetaminophen tablets
1 Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine
12 I-Prin ibuprofen tablets
2 pair Nitrile gloves
6 Diphen antihistamine tablets
1 instant cold pack
12 Dio-Tame antacid tablets
1 triangular bandage
12 Diamode antidiarrheal caplets
2 WHO oral re-hydration salts
12 Alcalak antacid tablets
1 18g angiocath
12 Aspirin tablets
2 3cc syringes
12 Sepasoothe throat lozenges
2 5cc syringes
2 18g x 1 ½” needles
2 21g x 1 ½” needles
2 25g x 5/8” needles
1 30g x ½” needle
2oz. antiseptic bio-hand cleaner
2oz. Ultrathon insect repellent
1oz. SPF 40 8 hour waterproof sun-block

*MOST RECOMMENDED: Pair this kit with Permethrin to treating clothing before your trip and Travelan 10 day for optimum protection to prevent water and foodborne illness which causes diarrhea.

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