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  Insect-Bite Prevention for Skin: Ultrathon/ DEET/ Non DEET
Ultrathon Lotion
The Ultrathon patented 3M controlled release technology was developed to give U.S. military personnel long-lasting protection in challenging situations. This unique formula slows the absorption and evaporation of DEET from the skin surface, which allows Ultrathon to continue working long after other repellents have stopped.
  • Rated the #1 most effective insect repellent lotion by a leading consumer magazine
  • Developed for the U.S. military and tested in Central American jungles
  • Contains 34.34% DEET
  • Offers up to 12 hours of protection
  • Repels mosquitoes that may carry West Nile virus or malaria
  • Repels ticks that may carry Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Also repels biting flies, chiggers, gnats, and fleas
  • Moisture resistant—lasts through splashes, perspiration, and rain
  • Comes in a 2 oz. lotion, which will last one person for 2 weeks if applying it daily to face, neck, and hands only
  • Now also available in a convenient .3 oz. pocket packet
Sku Description Price Qty
MM67442-1 2 oz. Tube Single $8.95   
MM67442-2 2 oz. Tube 2-pack $15.95   
MM67442-6 2 oz. Tube 6-pack $46.95   
MM67442-12 2 oz. Tube 12-pack $89.95   
MM18899-1 1.5 oz. Hands Free Ultrathon $7.95   
MM18899-2 1.5 oz. 2 Pack Hands Free $13.95   
MM18899-6 1.5oz. 6 Pack Hands Free $43.95   
MM18899-12 1.5 oz. 12 Pack Hands Free $84.95   

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